"2013 Chrysler 300C | Who We Are | Motown: The Musical" 
This commercial begins with Motown Records founder, Berry Gordy, stopping by the original headquarters of Motown - a small house in Detroit. He gets in the back seat of a Chrysler 300C and is driven downtown, but eventually drives all the way into the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on Broadway in New York City where he has a Broadway musical opening titled, "Motown: The Musical".

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Detroit is all about the sound and the drive. A sound that still moves people's hearts, and the drive to overcome any challenge along the way. Dedication to our passion is what defines us. Because if cars are our city's heart, music is its soul.  
We are Motown, and this is what we do. 
A tribute to the Motor City's heart and soul. 
Ain't no mountain high 
Ain't no valley low 
Well baby there ain't no mountain high enough 
Ain't no valley low enough 
Ain't no river wide enough 
To keep me from getting to you, babe

Written Text

Hitsville, U.S.A. 
Clairmount Ave, Hamilton-Chicago, Webb Ave 
Detroit Institute of Arts 
Apollo Theatre 
Berry Gordy - Founder of Motown Records 
Barry Gordy 
B Beats Audio 
Motown: The Musical on Broadway, March 2013 
Imported from Detroit

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