Peter Griffin, from The Family Guy, is standing in front of a screen, showing the Subway Feast sandwich. He is reading from a paper, "The Ode to the Subway Feast".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey! Tell me something. There's a delicious Subway food montage going on right behind me, isn't there? Yep, I can smell it. Well, that's gonna make it kinda hard to focus, but here we go. An ode to the Subway feast. Turkey, salami, cheese with Roast Beef. Pepperoni and ham, write this down chief. We got 'em all on freshly baked bread. The Subway feast, it's as big as my head. Beat that Jared. Subway. Eat Fresh.

Written Text

Ode to the Subway Feast 
New! Subway Feast. 
Subway. Eat Fresh.

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