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Verizon Commercial for Verizon Powerful Answers (2013)

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Verizon Commercial for Verizon Powerful Answers

Winter/Spring 2013
Genres: Services
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Plot / Description

This commercial for Verizon begins with a room full of Verizon engineers, looking at boards with various equations written all over it. One man is sitting in his chair, deep in thought when he suddenly sits up with an idea. People in laboratories are designing technology tools to help - a German Shepherd is on a table, being fitted with a device. The German Shepherd is being used in a shipping yard, walking through rows of metal container crates. Another device being created is one that helps a firefighter see through the flames to the structure behind the fire. An injured man is being rescued on a ski slope. As a helicopter lands behind him, a device is used to connect him with a doctor in a hospital, to help diagnose his possible injuries before he ever leaves the snowy mountain. Another device, a mobile camera (VGo Communications robotic telepresence), rolls through the hallways of a school. It rolls into a classroom, where class is in session. This device allows a sick boy, who cannot attend school in person, still have the opportunity to learn from a distance. Another device is used with wind energy, where a man is walking high on top of a wind turbine (windmill).

Voiceover / Dialog / Script / Spoken Word

What do we want to build next? That's the question. Every day. When you have the most advanced tools, you want to make something with them. Something that helps, helps safeguard our shores. Helps someone see through a wall of fire. Helps those who nowhere near the right doctor, stand a chance. 
Any loss of feeling in the extremities? 
Technology can do that.  
Who can tell me the third life cycle stage of the frog? 
It can take a sick kid to school. 
And help ensure a constant supply of clean energy. The things we build share one belief. That the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. Powerful answers. Verizon.

Written Text

{Powerful Answers}