"Land Rover's 2013 Next Generation Range Rover TV Advert" 
This advert shows a man leaving an old building and getting in his new Range Rover. He then takes a long driver through the mountains. He has to slow down for a tractor that has spilled its load of hay bales and is blocking the road. Instead of waiting, he just drives down the mountain side with his SUV. And he does it all in luxury because it's a Land Rover. When he gets to his fancy hotel, an older man comes out and admires the younger man's Range Rover because he is still driving his much older model.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Questi giorni quando vieni il belle sole 
la la la la lala lalala la la la 
On days like these when skies are blue and fields are green 
I look around and think about what might have been 
and then I hear sweet music float around my head 
as I recall the many things we left unsaid 
its on days like these that I remember 
singing songs and drinking wine 
while your eyes played games with mine

Written Text

WCP 673 
The Next Generation Range Rover 
Land Rover - Above and Beyond

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