"Imaginary Friends" 
This commercial shows the wonderful imagination of a child. A little girl wakes up in the morning and tells her stuffed turtle "good morning". As soon as she gets out of bed, her turtle friend and several of her other toys wake up with her and come to life and are larger than life. In addition to the turtle, there is a fluffy blue Grateful Dead bear and a red headed doll with an umbrella. She brings them all to the breakfast table and feeds them cereal, and some of them make a mess of the food on the floor which their pet dog enjoys. The little girl and her mom then get into their Chevy Traverse with the toys all piling in behind them. Before they close the door, a giant cat joins them as well. The mom looks back at her young daughter and the toys in the back seat and she sees them as the normal toys that they are.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Morning Turtle. 
All set? 
All set. 
Introducing the re-imagined 2013 Chevrolet Traverse. With spacious seating for up to eight. Imagine that. 
My friends are all around me  
My friends they do surround me  
Don't matter the time of day  
They're always ready to play with me  
My friends they do astound me  
Jump up jump down around me  
I hope this never ends  
And we'll be the best of friends.

Written Text

Chevrolet Traverse

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