"Wheat Thins Night Vision" 
This commercial shows a man strapping on a set of night vision goggles. He's using them so he can keep an eye on his box of Spicy Buffalo flavored Wheat thins that are sitting on the kitchen counter. His wife thinks he's crazy, but he says he might need to protect them from an intruder, the dog, Bigfoot, or even Ted their neighbor. The wife turns out the light on her way out and goes to bed. Soon after, there is a crazy commotion in the black of night, and when the wife turns on the light, the husband is fighting with a Yeti (abominable snowman) - Bigfoot's winter cousin. While he's fighting off the big white monster, Ted sneaks in and steals the box of Wheat Thins.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Wife: What are you doing? 
Husband: Oh, hey, using night vision goggles to keep an eye on my Spicy Buffalo Wheat Thins to make sure nobody touches them.  
Wife: Who's gonna take your Wheat Thins? 
Husband: Um, I don't know. An intruder, the dog, Bigfoot, Ted from next door. Hey could you get the light? I love you. 
Wife: What is going on?! 
Husband: I was close! It's a Yeti! Ted, check it out - a Yeti!

Written Text

Wheat Thins 
Must! Have! Wheat Thins. 
Wheat Thins Spicy Buffalo!

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