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Toyota Commercial for Toyota RAV4 (2013)

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Toyota Commercial for Toyota RAV4

Winter/Spring 2013
Genres: Vehicles
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Plot / Description

"Toyota RAV4 2013 Big Game Commercial - Wish Granted starring Kaley Cuoco" 
This Super Bowl 2013 commercial begins with a family just getting home and stepping out of their Toyota RAV4. The husband/dad rubs a little dirt off the hood (like rubbing a magic lamp), and a purple genie played by Kaley Cuoco (known for her roll as "Penny" in The Big Bang Theory) appears in a bright puff of smoke. She is holding a purple Chihuahua (also dressed in purple) and she tells the family that she can grant their wishes. The dad wishes for his spare tire to be gone. Of course he meant his overly large belly, but the genie makes the RAV4's spare tire disappear. The young daughter then makes her wish - that animals could talk. With a snap of her fingers, the squirrels start talking and making fun of the dad for his wish. The wife then wishes to be able to eat as much chocolate as she wanted. They are all transported to the doctor's office where she has a chocolate IV set up and the doctor gives her free samples of candy because "her chocolate levels are low". The daughter jumps in again and wishes to be a princess. Again they are all transported somewhere and are on horseback as the daughter leads her people into battle. The young son then pipes in and wishes he was an astronaut. Suddenly the family is all in the Toyota and rocketing into space. While in space, the dad asks for another turn and while back on Earth, there are witches flying brooms everywhere. She though the husband asked for "infinite witches" instead of "infinite wishes". Not getting his wish again, he just asks for his first wish - to lose his flat tire. Instead of just magically making him lose weight, she makes him run behind the RAV-4 for exercise as she hovers above it.

Voiceover / Dialog / Script / Spoken Word

Kaley Cuoco: Hey there Henderson family. I'm your RAV 4 genie. Your wish is my command. 
Dad: I wish the old spare tire was gone. 
Kaley Cuoco: Really? Out of everything? Well, okay. 
Dad: Oh no, I meant... 
Daughter: I wish animals could talk. 
Kaley Cuoco: Much better. 
Squirrel: I wish my spare tire was gone. 
Mom: Oh I wish I could eat as much chocolate as I want. 
Doctor: Well, your chocolate levels are dangerously low. Gladys is going to start you on a chocolate IV, and here's some free samples. 
Daughter: I wish I was a princess. I want you to avenge my father's death! 
Dad: I'm right here! 
Son: I wish I was an astronaut. 
Mom: I wish... 
Dad: May I please have a turn? I said infinite wishes. 
Kaley Cuoco: I heard witches. 
Dad: Can I just have my first wish? 
Radio: Now with Sirius XM. 
Dad: Is the dog really necessary? 
Kaley Cuoco: Yep. Knees up. 
Announcer: The all-new RAV4. Toyota, let's go places. 
I wish I was a little bit taller 
I wish I was a baller

Written Text

Toyota RAV4 
SiriusXM Satellite Radio 
Let's go places 
Super Bowl XLVII