"Gardener - Diet Coke Advert - Director's Cut" 
This commercial shows several women out on a nice day at the park. One of them sees a hot landscaper (Andrew Cooper) mowing the grass. She grabs a can of Diet Coke and rolls it down the hill to this sexy gardener. Since it just rolled down a bumpy hill, when he opens it, it sprays all over him and his clothes making the girls laugh. Since he's now all wet, he takes off his shirt, showing off his six pack abs, and the girls all stare with their mouths open.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I don't want you to be no slave 
I don't want you to work all day 
But I want you to be true 
I just want to make love to you 
Love you to, love to you 
All I want to do is wash your clothes 
I don't want to keep you indoors 
There is nothing for you to do 
But keep me making love to you

Written Text

Diet Coke 
No Sugar. No Calories.

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