"Tide and Downy Presents: The Princess Dress" 
This commercial shows a single or stay-at-home dad taking car of his daughter. She loves to play dress-up in her favorite "princess dress" and doesn't like to take it off for anything. It doesn't matter if she spills something on it, gets it covered in grass stains, or plays with frogs while wearing it - she's always got her pink and purple dress on. She runs around the yard, hosts tea parties with her toys and has endless fun. Her dad tries to get her to change into a green dress - even if just temporarily so he can wash her favorite dress up outfit, but she isn't interested. He finally does have a little trick up his sleeve though. He gets her to dress up as a sheriff while he sits in jail (behind two chairs with wooden "bars") until the laundry is done. As soon as it's done, she releases him and changes back again.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Ah, Lily. She pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress, and she's not exactly tidy. Even if she gets a stain, she'll wear it for a week straight. So I use Tide to get out those week-old stains and Downy to get it fresh and soft. And since I'm the one that has to do the laundry, I do what any expert dad would do - I let her play sheriff. I got 20 minutes to life. 
You are free to go. 
Tide and Downy - great on their own, even better together.

Written Text

Jale (Jail) 
Tide + Downy 
Great on their own 
Better together

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