"Official Lincoln #SteerTheScript Super Bowl 2013 Commercial - Full Length" 
The Lincoln Motor Company commercial for Super Bowl XLVII was written based on Tweets from multiple people. Unfortunately, they must have taken tweets from the most boring people on Twitter because the commercial is a huge let-down. The ad begins in an open field with a narrator sitting in a leather chair. It tells the story of Adina, who was driving her Lincoln MKZ down the road on the way to a wedding. She stops to pick up a German hitchhiker. They talk about sweaters as they pass an alpaca farm (alpacas are similar to llamas) where the farmer jokingly shouts "It's the alpacalypse!" As they continue their journey, they have to stop behind some bikers because there is a large group of turtles crossing the road. After the turtles go by, the accidentally mess up a low budget space alien movie being shot in the desert by Wil Wheaton. At the end of the advert, we see Adina and the German at their own wedding being conducted by Rev Run of Run-D.M.C., and in attendance are the bikers, alpaca farmer (with alpaca), and human and alien member of the movie set.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'm going to tell you a story about a car built for individuals, but the story is driven by you with actual Tweets you sent to Jimmy Fallon. Here it goes... 
Adina was going to someone else's wedding. She picked up a German hitchhiker who came to America to study farming. How charming. Discussing their mutual love for sweaters, they drove past and alpaca farm. Then they got stopped by some turtles crossing the road, next to some guys with a Ph.D. in leather. And then they drove through a movie set in Palmdale, ruining the best performance of an alien ever. Ah, the tweets and turns of life. You may be surprised where they may take you. 
This was a story that started with you - as luxury always should. 
Girl, today's your lucky day. 
It's the alpacalypse. 
Ooh, soft. 
The road of life is full of love.

Written Text

The Lincoln Motor Company & Jimmy Fallon present "Once Upon a Tweet" 
Lincoln MKZ 
Introducing the Lincoln Motor Company 
The Emmitt Smith Show 
Prod. No. 12701 
Wil Wheaton 
Director: Mr. Matt Piedmont 
Producer: Bernard Ra 
Camera: Salvatore Totind Ascai 
Made in Germany 
Keep all heads and hands inside a moving vehicle. Unless you're a faux alpaca.

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