This commercial is a promo for the medical drama series, 'Monday Morning' on TNT, premiering February 4, 2013.

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Room 311 
Morbidity and Mortality 
What really goes on in those meetings? 
Do we know who this is for? 
Am I getting 311? 
All right, let's get started, shall we? 
He's brought you the best dramas on television. 
These meetings, that's what makes you a better doctor. 
Now, David E. Kelley takes you to the one place you've never seen before with the new series, Monday Mornings.  
Let's get right to the guest of honor. 
Dr. Martin. 
Monday Mornings refers to the morbidity and mortality meetings. 
Please walk us through the procedure. 
The doctors that have messed up get brought up in front of their colleagues and then you're confronted. 
You allowed metastatic cancer to run amok for four months. 
I displayed a shocking insensitivity. 
The night is a draw and the surgeon is often humiliated in front of their peers. 
Dr. Ridgeway, how is your marriage? 
I don't think my personal life is relevant to this discussion. 
It's really for us to be held accountable for our actions. 
Was the blood flowing? 
Get out of my way! 
My God. 
Were you unusually excited? 
All clear? 
You're known among your colleagues as 007. Do you know why that is? 
It has something to do with License to Kill. 
I know how much you're hurting. Whatever you need. 
I'm so, so sorry. 
Are the odds against you? Yeah. Is it game over? Hell no. 
We see suffering, we try to stop it. That's what we do. 
Monday Mornings. A new TNT series, Monday February 4th at 10:00, right after an all new Dallas. 
You saved my life. 
That was the idea. 
Only on TNT. 
(Lyrics) Really too late to call 
So we wait for 
Ooooooooh Oooooooooh

Written Text

February 4 
New Series 
Monday Mornings 
Executive Producer 
David E. Kelley 
New Series 
Monday Mornings 

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