"Hotbots - 2014 Kia Forte Big Game Car Ad - Super Bowl 2013" 
This Super Bowl XLVII commercial begins at a high tech car show. Showing off the new Kia Forte are two female robots referred to as "Hot Bots". While everyone else is standing back admiring the car, a hipster walks up to it and starts touching it and rubbing his fingers and nose/face on the windows. One of the fembots (played by Alyssa? Campanella) which was pre-programmed to always smile gets a bit upset that he is messing up the car they are showing. The man then kicks the tire, and one of the female robots eyes angrily glow, and then she kicks him, and gives him a "wedgie" (pulls his underwear up over his head), and then kicks him again up against the wall. The other android lifts her hands like a football referee would for a field goal. When the man stands back up, the robot wags her finger at him. Respect the tech.

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Kia Forte 
Respect the Tech 
All-New 2014 Forte Kia 

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