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A beautiful blonde, wearing a long evening gown is at a fancy party. She turns around to see a man, an irresistible man, walking down the grand staircase with two wolves over his shoulders. The woman describes the man as being different from all the others. As the woman watches the man greet other party-goers, she describes her feelings of being afraid at first. As she looks at the wolf-wearing man, she sits down. Once seated, she is on the lap of the man, already seated in a chair. As the woman describes being seduced, a red sports car in the middle of the room. The woman opens the door to the car to get inside, joining the wolf coat man, already behind the wheel. With one of the wolves' paw on his hand, the man puts the car in gear and drives out of the room, tires squealing, wolves still growling. As the couple, and the wolves, drive away, the man sprays himself with the new scent from Old Spice: Wolfthorn.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

There was something about him. Something that set him apart from zee others. He was different somehow. I was afraid. Then seduced. Then intrigued. Then in the car. I never had a chance.

Written Text

Introducing Wolfthorn 
Old Spice 
Answer the smell of the wild

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