This commercial for the Charbroiled Cod Fish sandwich at Carl's Jr. and Hardee's features model, Nina Agdal, on the beach in a black string bikini. She is walking along the beach, on a beautiful tropical island, just getting out of the ocean. She grabs a bottle of sun tan lotion and generously sprays her body. Once the sun lotion is applied and rubbed in, she lies down on her beach towel, where there is a bag of Hardee's/Carl's Jr. food waiting for her. She pulls the Charbroiled Cod fish sandwich out of the bag, and seductively begins to eat it. In the background, a man is walking down the beach toward her. Nina decides it is time to reapply her sunscreen, this time, untying the strings on her bikini top. Now topless, and protected from the sun's harsh rays, she goes back to eating her fish sandwich. The man, still walking, gets close and says "Nice sandwich", pulling off his sunglasses, revealing a bad sun burn on his face - the only white spots left are in the shape of his sunglasses.

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(Lyrics) Somewhere beyond the sea 
Somewhere waiting for me 
My lover stands on golden sands 
And watches the ships that go sailin' 
Somewhere beyond the sea 
She's there watching for me 
If I could fly like birds on high 
Then straight to her arms 
I'd go sailin' 
It's far beyond the stars 
It's near beyond the  
Nice sandwich. 
Sometimes you don't want to get fried. Introducing the Charbroiled, not fried Cod fish sandwich only at Carl's Jr. and Hardee's. Eat like you mean it.

Written Text

Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich 
Carl's Jr. 
Eat Like You Mean It

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