This commercial for Subway's $5 footlongs for the month of FebruANY features outtakes of professional athletes and celebrities trying to say the word "FebruANY". The commercial first aired during Super Bowl XVII, FebruARY 3, 2013. 
The athletes in this ad: Laila Ali, Mike Lee, Blake Griffin, Carl Edwards, Nastia Liukin. 
The celebrities include, Jay Glazer, Brian Baumgartner, and Jarrod - the Subway guy himself.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

My favorite month? Febr...ha. 
Febru, Februany. 
It's February. It's Februany. Is that right? 
It's Febuany at Subway.  
It's what? 
It's Feburany. Oh gosh. 
It's Frebru... 
My favorite month? Februany. 
It's Februany. Hard to say, easy to love because many of our scrumptious footlongs are $5 footlongs. And we've got amazing $6 footlong specials too. 
Subway. Wait, what was it again?

Written Text

$5 Regular Footlongs 
$6 Footlong Specials 
Subway Eat Fresh

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