"HSBC: Lumberjack" 
This very unusual advert begins with police speeding out to a location in the forest. At their destination, lumberjacks with their chainsaws are sitting around waiting for the police because there are several conservationist protesters who have set themselves up in the trees to stop the workers from cutting them down. The police go up and pull the people down in an emotional and sometimes violent skirmish. As everyone is arrested, one of them yells at a lumberjack, "You're helping out, Henry?!" Later that night, Henry comes to bail this woman out of jail and driver her home on his motorcycle. She coldly holds onto the back of the bike for a while, but then forgives him and grabs him around the waist as they ride down the road. The point of the commercial is that HSBC knows not all of its customers are the same, and learning the values of one, helps them serve another.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

That means no where I come from 
I am cold, out waiting for the day to come 
I chew my lips, and I scratch my nose 
feels so good to be a rose 
Oh don't, don't you lift me up 
like I'm that shy, no no no no no, 
just give it up 
There are bats all dissolving in a row 
into the wishy-washy dark that cannot let go 
and I cannot let go 
so I thank the lord 
and I thank his sword 
though it be mincing up the morning, slightly bored 
O, morning without warning like a hole 
and I watch you go 
There are some mornings when the sky looks like a road

Written Text

Our Cedars. Stay Away. 
We recognise how people value things differently. 
So what we learn from one customer helps us better serve another. 
HSBC - The world's local bank

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