Catherine Zeta-Jones is at a house with a teenage boy, explaining to him that she's gone online to give the family a mobile makeover that will save them money while still giving them great coverage. She turns from the computer to look at the boy and asks him where are his parents. The boy replies "Richard and Linda won't be joining us this evening. They had a prior engagement." Catherine Zeta-Jones suggests they call the parents on the cell phone. The boy responds by saying "let's not" (call the parents) as he turns on romantic music and starts the fireplace with the remote. Catherine Zeta-Jones gives him a stern look and extends the cell phone to the boy who disappointedly agrees.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Need a mobile makeover? Go to T-Mobile and now you'll get 1000 minutes plus unlimited nights and weekends just $39.99. 
The coverage you need at the price you want. T-Mobile.

Written Text

1000 Whenever Minutes 
Unlimited Nights & Weekends/$39.99 
The coverage you need at the price you want. 
Stick together

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