This commercial for Sears begins with a fake dance show television competition. There are three judges, and several dancers. Once the solo dance competition is over, it's time for couples dance. The behind-the-scenes footage is shown of one couple, struggling to get their choreographed dance down flawlessly. On performance night, the couple, wearing matching red costumes, gets on the dance floor and nails every move - until the woman spins to the side, falling into a group of appliances from Sears on the stage.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Till Dance Do We Part! Life is a dance and you've got all the moves! 
The solos are complete. 
I think you've wormed your way into America's hearts. 
For better or for worse. 
You are the pig to her blanket. 
That's not breakdancing. That's break-up dancing. 
There's ups and downs in dance, and life. 
I've had it. 
Don't give up on us, America. We're not done yet. 
Now two must dance as one. 
You won't run in to the top ten appliance brands just anywhere. Only Sears carries them all. This is the top ten advantage. This is Sears.

Written Text

Till Dance Do We Part 
The solos are complete 
For better or for worse 
Now 2 must dance as 1 
This is the top 10 advantage 
This is Sears 

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