This commercial for Lowe's Home Improvement store begins with a couple, in black and white, entering the Lowe's outdoor plant area. The store is bright and full of color, but the couple are in black and white. When a Lowe's saleswoman approaches, asking how she can help, the man tests out the difference between the black and white, and the colorful, musical area of Lowe's. He pokes his body through to the black and white area, stopping the music. When he comes back inside the beautiful colored world of Lowe's the music plays again.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Welcome to Lowe's. How can I help you today? Just a sec. OK. We needs lots of flowers. Well, let's get started. Welcome back Spring at Lowe's with our huge selection of your area's plants and flowers all with our one-year plant guarantee. Lowe's. Let's build something together. Use your Lowe's consumer card and pay nothing for 12 months on any purchase of $299 or more.

Written Text

Lowe's Welcome Back Spring Let's Build Something Together visit Lowes.com/Spring

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