This commercial for the Weather Channel is about a new app for Android phones. A bus shelter is set up, with a hidden rain machine attached to the inside of the roof. As people wait for the bus, the rain machine turns on, and the people are "caught in the rain". The Weather Channel app is setting out to end the occurance of people getting caught in the rain, by providing specific start times for rain as well as when it will stop.

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At the Weather Channel, we've created an app that tells you the exact time that rain will start and stop. But call us nostalgic, because we wanted to see people get caught in the rain one last time. With our new app, know the exact time rain will start and stop. No percentages, no guessing. The all-new Weather Channel app for Android. Download today.

Written Text

Hidden Rain Machine 
Expect rain to start at 2:15pm 
The Weather Channel 
Click to Download the all-new App for Android today 

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