This video shows how a man, who loves Oreo cookies but dislikes the creme centers, builds a machine to remove the creme from Oreos.  
"OREO Separator Machine #1 - Creator- Physicist David Neevel"

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My name's David Neevel and I'm a physicist and copywriter. We're in the frigid and interesting Mad Dog Garage in Portland, Oregon. My Oreo separator machine is entirely based on the dislike of creme and preference for cookie. It goes by OSM. It's just an acronym. Here's the little on/off switch that I made out of some scraps of aluminum. One of the hardest things to overcome was to learn how to build robots and make them work. But it was also difficult to keep my hands warm and the back of my neck warm. It not only makes me cold to sit here and work on it all day and night, but it makes the cookies cold and that makes the creme more difficult to separate from the cookie. This is where the Oreo actually starts on the machine. You just place one here. This arm grabs the Oreo and it places it over here. I don't have a catchphrase for my machine but I guess if it did have one it could be something like "Let's get that creme out of there" or like "This creme's no good get it off the cookies" or something. Then these two panels flip up and get ready for the first real important process - the division process. I've been working on my machine now for about .4 years. Wait, .04 years. I used tools and wires and wood and a lot of aluminum and motors. The division process is carried out by this hatchet which lowers down through the center of the Oreo and then I've got this floss to kind of keep the creamy Oreo halves from sticking to the hatchet blade. It was a big time commitment to build the machine. I had to work some long hours. I didn't get to see my girlfriend or my dog for hours at a time sometimes and I had to try to find a good sandwich in this part of the city and stuff. There were a lot of sacrifices, I guess. Then these arms will come down to receive the two Oreo halves, and then bring them over here to this little tray. And then the tray clamps the Oreos down and holds them and gets them ready for the next step which is CNC router table which is going to take the creme off of the cookie halves. All powered up now, we can give it a try. All right. Two clean, delicious Oreos. Mmmm. Yum.

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Oreo Separators 
Cookie vs Creme 
Episode One 
A man. A plan. And possibly a hatchet. 
Featuring David Neevel 
Cookie or Creme? 
Mad Dog Garage

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