"Our world. Your move. Simple gestures" 
This animated commercial begins with a mom and daughter walking home from the store. They pass by a homeless man and the daughter turns around out of concern. They give him some bread from their back and he smiles. The horizon behind them then shifts, and while their current location hasn't changed the city around them has like it just slid into place. Next we see the homeless man in a homeless shelter. He is watching a soccer/football game on TV. The soccer ball starts rolling and we are transported to another country where a man kicks up a soccer ball in front of him and then gets in his Jeep. Like in the city, the setting in front of the man is shifting into something completely different. He is in the desert, but he drives over to an African plain and throws the soccer ball to a young boy. The boy is transported to a city soccer field, but the city behind him shifts and we see a water delivery man carting up some large jugs of water into an office building. He goes up the elevator, but when it opens, he is in a refugee camp where he delivers the water to people who need it. The world shifts again and a man with a pull cart sees an old woman carrying heavy bags. He offers to pull her and her bags in his cart. The world continues shifting, and as the camera zooms way out, we see that the entire globe is being twisted and spun around like a huge, round Rubik's Cube.

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Simple gestures can make a difference. Make yours. 
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies 

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