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The best songs emerge from an emotion, a feeling, like it's, you're hurting and so you have to say it so it doesn't hurt anymore. You're excited so you have to say it so you know you can get it out. I've always been inspired by New York. New York is my home, it's the place that I know best. It's the streets and the noise and the energy, the attitude. You see something new every day. It's always moving. But for me, it's the people that make New York so special. It's the people that make a city great, not the buildings. It's the people who give a city it's true character. I don't think you're like, alive, if you're too comfortable. You're gonna want to try something new or your light is gonna dim. So I just feel like I always want to push myself to be in a bit of an uncomfortable place or do things I never tried before. For my "Set the World On Fire" tour, I'm going to be traveling to a lot of different cities in a way that I never have before. Because I think now in my life I've reached a place where I'm really wanting to experience the posts of each city, the people of each city. I'm gonna create a unique music video for each and every city that I go to, which is why I'm so excited about this project between Blackberry and my fans because I feel like we're going to get to know each other in a very special way.

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