This ad for Tallink Cruise Lines begins with an alarm clock changing from 7:29 to 7:30. A man gets out of bed, heading to the shower. The man has a mirrored disco ball for a head. He washes his disco head in the shower, gets dressed and heads to the garage to get in his car. The discoball head guy drives to a hair salon, where a woman, also equipped with a disco ball for a head, is styling an older woman's hair. The hair stylist leaves her client in the salon chair and leaves with her discoball head friend. Now with two discoball headed people in the car, they drive to pick up yet another discoball head friend, who is working in construction. The construction worker puts his jackhammer down and climbs in the car with his friends. The friends stop at a bar to pick up a female bartender, with a discoball head. As the friends drive to the Tallink Cruiseliner, they pass other disco ball head people, all on their way to the cruise ship - the 22-hour party ship. Once at the cruise ship, all the disco ball headed people board the ship and start the party as the Tallink Cruise sails off into the open waters.

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The 22-Hour Party Cruise 
All together now

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