This commercial for Schweppes Ginger Ale begins with a birds eye view of a snow-covered mountain range. From a distance, we see something tumbling down the mountainside. As the camera closes in, the tumbling object is a man, rolling down the snowy mountain. Once he stops rolling, he is able to stand up and brush the snow from his suit. He looks off to the distance, still quite high up on the mountain. He stops for a moment, puts a big smile on his face and then jumps, beginning another tumble down the mountain. He rolls and flips over and over until he makes it to the portion of the mountain that is no longer covered in snow. As the man in the suit continues to flip down the hillside, a woman in a bright yellow top comes flying through the air, also tumbling down the hill. As they make their way down through a wooded area, more people start to join them in the tumble. They cross the path of a man with a herd of sheep, traveling along a path in the woods. The tumblers finally reach the end of their journey, passing a waterfall, falling into the water with some big splashes. This is what Schweppervescence feels like.

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