This ad for McDonald's begins with two men running through a stream as the sound of a dog barking is heard. Two prison guards are also running through the stream, one guard holding the dog's leash. One of the guards turns to look behind him, and we see that it is the guards who are being chased, thanks to a bag of delicious McDonald's food. The guard trips when he reaches the river bank, dropping the McDonald's bag on the ground. One of the men chasing the guards grabs the bag and runs off, while the other man laughs at the guard's misfortune. With all four men sitting on the shore, the two escaped prisoners are sitting on rocks, eating their burgers. One of the prisoners offers the burger to the guard, only to yank it away when the guard reaches for the sandwich. The German Shepherd rests it's head on it's paws and watches.  

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A cheese craving that's stronger than anything.

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