"Cabela's Anthem - It's In Your Nature :60 Commercial" 
This commercial shows hunters, fishermen, campers, and outdoorsmen doing their thing out in nature. From boat rides up a river, to hunting ducks with your Labrador Retriever, to climbing up to the tree stand that your dad and grandfather use to hunt from, cooking breakfast over an open fire at your camp site, working with your pointer to catch a quail, bow hunting early in the morning, fly fishing (and releasing) in a creek, sitting around the campfire at night with the guys, teaching your son archery,

Written Text

It's in your morning commute. 
It's in your second language. 
It's in your family tree. 
It's in your table with a view. 
It's in your unspoken friendships. 
It's in your goosebumps. 
It's in your respect for tomorrow. 
It's in your traditions. 
It's in your forever. 
It's in your nature. 

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