"MTV UK - Geordie Shore Season 5 Trailer" 
This advert begins with a bunch of people running down an alley in costumes such as a beaver outfit, a wedding dress, a gyro, a prison jump suit, a roll of toilet paper, a sumo wrestler, and an an ostrich. They run past an outdoor cafe and one of them pushes over a waiter and his tray. They keep running and then start to be chased by the police with dogs. Somehow they end up on skies and are skying down a mountain. Most of the costumed people fall down, but the bride-to-be skies down the mountain doing jumps.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Watch out Europe. They're going on a non-stop ... 
I love gettin' on the ... 
Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague, and Some Ski Resort in France. Brand new Geordie Shore starts 19th February only on MTV. 
A rich man 
don't you understand 
I'm gonna make my own money

Written Text

Bride to Be 
Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague, Some Ski Resort in France 
Brand new Geordie Shore starts the 19th of February. 

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