This is a promo for the April 2013 series, 'Hannibal' on the NBC network.  
"Preview - Inside the Mind of a Killer - Hannibal"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I don't know this kind of psychopath. 
He kills them quickly and with mercy.  
Doctor, we need you to help us catch a psychopath. 
I don't find you that interesting.  
You will. 
Doctor Lecter.  
(Lyrics) All the blood lying on the floor 
Blinding light illuminates the scene

Written Text

Agent Will Graham 
Hunts the Most Notorious 
Serial Killers 
He Doesn't Know 
The Man Helping Him 
Is the Most Notorious Serial Killer 
Of Them All 
April 4 

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