This commercial begins in a suburban neighborhood. A garage opens up and inside is a giant hamster wheel with a hamster inside running. The roads and highways are also filled with hamsters running around, but getting nowhere in their wheels. All we hear is the squeaking of these metal hamster wheels all over the city until someone drives up in a Kia Soul. The window rolls down and it's a bunch of cool listening to music.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hold on to the moment 
When there's something brewing in the sky 
Come on, there's too much distance 
Separating you and I 
Now, I know, that's treason 
I'm shaking and moving and it's all because of you 
And I feel something 
What you feel boy, the heat 
Oh, I feel something 
What you feel boy, the beat

Written Text

Moochie's Deals on Wheels 
Used Wheels 
A new way to roll 
50+ Accessories 
Starting under $14K 
Kia Motors 
The Power to Surprise

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