This commercial for Disaronno begins at a rooftop party where a dark haired woman walks to the bar, where there are two bartenders working, asking them to give her their best drink concoction. Each bartender uses Disaronno to make his drink - one a cosmo, the other a sour. The woman takes both drinks and walks back to the party where she hands one drink to her identical twin, leaving both bartenders speechless.  
"Disaronno Rooftop Drink"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey guys, what's your best? 
Disaronno sour. 
Disaronno cosmo. 
Disaronno. Expect the unexpected. 
(Lyrics) I know how I want it to go 
I know how I want it to be 
Don't make me think before I speak 
Or make me hold my horses 
I want to take your voice and drink it 
There doesn't seem to be a limit 
To all the things that I could do

Written Text

Pure Pleasure. Different Experiences. 
Expect the unexpected.

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