This commercial for Pepsi begins with a night shift shelf stocker at a grocery store. The grocery worker is listening to the radio as he works, when a Shakira song plays. The man looks at the cardboard cutout of Shakira at the Pepsi display and decides to dance with her. Shakira comes to life, and the two do the Tango through the store together. The man loses himself in the dance with Shakira, until he notices that he is being watched. Outside of the store, a group of people have gathered, watching the man dance with the cardboard cutout Shakira. 
"Shakira pepsi commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

And now to liven up the night shift, the very lively, Shakira. 
(Lyrics) Objection! I don't wanna be the exception 
To get a bit of your attention 
I love you for free and I'm not your mother 
But you don't even bother 
Judging the angles of this triangle 
Got dizzy dancing Tango 
I'm falling apart in your hands again 
No way, I've got to get away

Written Text

The Joy of Pepsi

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