Several business people singing about the new services offered by Cisco to the tune of "I Will Survive".

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First I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking that each meeting meant that I would have to fly. But then I spent so many nights reading emails way too long then I grew strong and network video came along. And so I'm back no time to waste. Just click the mouse and get things done, see people face to face. I should have changed things long ago, this technology saved the day instead of doing it in that same old silly way. Come on let's go, pick up the pace. Less meetings mean more meetings where no one communicates. This new way of doing things will keep us all alive. We'd never crumble instead we're really gonna thrive. I will survive. I will survive. 
More collaboration, less complication. That's the human network effect. Learn more at Cisco. Welcome to the human network.

Written Text

the human network effect 
welcome to the human network

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What Songs are featured in this Television Commercial?

It plays...
I Will Survive performed by Gloria Gaynor

I Will Survive
performed by Gloria Gaynor

This Song is played in Cisco Commercial

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