This commercial for Old Navy Tee Hoodies features Jennifer Love Hewitt as the Style attendant on the Old Navy airlines. Jennifer Love Hewitt demonstrates the new, lighter Tee Hoodie to the passengers on the airplane.  
"Old Navy: Jennifer Loves Hoodies"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Attention Old Navy passengers, we're all getting a style upgrade.  
We will now begin our style demonstration. 
Hello, I'm Jennifer Love Hoodies, and you will too. With all new, ultra light, slimmer fitting Tee Hoodies. Remember to make sure you look stylish before assisting others. In case of a cutie, your Tee Hoodie can be used as a flirtation device. And that concludes our style demonstration.  
All hoodies and crews are on sale now. Adults from $12, kids from $8. Old Navy. Come fun, come all.

Written Text

Hoodies & Crews 
adults from $12  
kids from $8 
Style Upgrade 
All Hoodies & Crews on Sale 
Old Navy 
Come fun, come all.

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