This commercial for Optimum features Michael Bolton, who has a phone number just one digit off from the number for Optimum. People keep mistakenly calling Michael Bolton, looking for a great deal on TV, phone and internet. Michael Bolton is shown at his home, playing the guitar, jumping on a trampoline, washing his dog, cooking in the kitchen, all while people call him accidentally. Michael Bolton is tired of people calling him instead of Optimum. Don't call Michael Bolton. Please. Don't call Michael Bolton. 
Optimum Says, "Please Give Michael Bolton His Life Back. Please."

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hello? Hello? Hello? 
Hello. It has come to our attention that our phone number here at Optimum is very similar to Michael Bolton's.  
Sorry, this is not Optimum. 
This is Optimum's phone number. And this is Michael Bolton's number. Oops. Anyway, calling Optimum will get you a great deal on TV, phone and internet for $84.95 a month. Calling Michael Bolton won't.  
While our numbers may be similar, similar things don't happen when you call them. So don't call Michael Bolton.  
Don't call me. 
Because Michael Bolton can't help you get high speed internet... 
You can download love songs in seconds? 
...or free internet access at over 70,000 Optimum hot spots.  
So I'll save on data charges. 
Don't call Michael Bolton. 
Don't call Michael Bolton. 
Please don't call Michael Bolton. 
Call Optimum at 866-200-7151 to get TV, phone and internet for $84.95 a month. We'll even include 12 months of Showtime, so call now.

Written Text

Michael Bolton 
$84.95 a month for a year

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