"Because life is precious -- the Benenden Health TV premiere" 
This advert shows a famous out having fun in a field. The kids are blowing bubbles and running around having fun, and everyone is watching the bubbles fly through the air.

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At Benenden Health, we know just how precious life is. So like our 900,000 strong membership, you can rely on us to use our discretion to help protect your health and well-being when things don't quite go to plan. For only one pound eighty per person per week, you could join the most trusted mutual health care community as voted for by the UK public. To find out more about the benefits of joining, visit, or call 0800.0859.859 because life is precious.

Written Text

900,000 membership 
most trusted mutual 
Benenden Health 
Because life is precious 
0800 0 859 859

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