"The New SEAT Leon 2013 - Technology to enjoy" 
This advert begins with a young boy playing with a toy spaceship. He hears a beep come from outside and excitedly looks out the window, and the runs outside with his toy. The boy's dad is outside with a new car from Seat. The dad lets the boy check out the car including sitting in the drivers seat playing with the controls like the windshield wipers and the dashboard touch screen. He then shows how you can customize the colors and lights inside the car with the touch of a button. The little boy doesn't think his space ship toy is so cool anymore when compared to the car, so he throws it out the window before taking a drive with his dad.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Fly, over the mountains fly high,  
You got to fly 
To get the mood 
Till you reach the universe of fly

Written Text

3328 SLE 
The new Seat Leon 
Technology to enjoy 


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