"Guinness Black Lager - Seamless" 
This commercial shows a man leaving his apartment and getting into an elevator while talking about how refreshing Guinness Black Lager is. He compares other "black" beverages such as iced coffee and cola that are also refreshing. When he gets out of the elevator, he is still inside, but on a beach movie set, and then walks out onto rooftop patio at night.

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How can Guinness Black Lager be black and taste refreshing? Think about it - iced coffee is black and has a delicious roasted flavor and refreshing taste. Ice cold cola's black - also delicious and refreshing. So, why not beer? Choose Guinness Black Lager, carefully crafted with roasted dark barley. It's easy to drink and full flavored. I think you'll agree. There's just something about black. Guinness Black Lager. 
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh 
I'm a black sheep

Written Text

Genuine Quality 
Est. 1759 
Guinness Black Lager 
St. James's Gate Dublin 
Cold Brewed with roasted barley

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