"GE - Play big. Clean simple." 
This commercial begins with a woman in a white shirt running from people throwing tomatoes in an organized tomato fight. Next, a woman is engulfed in pink powdery smoke. After this there are shots of another kind of fight where people throw "bombs" made of powder of all colors that explode when they hit someone. After this is a large group of family and kids playing in the mud including having a tug of war and then wrestling each other. After this, we see how all these clothes get clean with the new GE washer and dryer that use technology to get out stains.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Get messy however you like. With one-touch stain fighting technology and exclusive Steam Assist option, GE has invented the simplest way to get clean.

Written Text

Stain Removal Guide 
Tomato, Oily 
Steam Assist 
Play Big. Clean Simple. 
Imagination at work

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