"Gears of War: Judgment TV Commercial - Cheevos"" 
This commercial shows regular people doing their everyday thing while showing what achievements they have reached in "Gears of War: Judgment". 
* Completed 40 declassified missions / Sick Days left: 0 - a man starting his lawn mower 
* Won 92 overrun matches / Against her boyfriend's team - a woman with a skull tattoo playing the game, and later standing out on a balcony in the rain 
* Earned "Like a Boss" on 22nd attempt / His Dog's name is also Boss - a guy with his dog and two friends standing outside at a picnic table

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's go-time, baby. Rated M for Mature. 
XBox 360 starting at $99.

Written Text

Completed 40 declassified missions 
Sick Days left: 0 
Won 92 overrun matches 
Against her boyfriend's team 
Earned "Like a Boss" on 22nd attempt 
His Dog's name is also Boss 
Trust your Guts 
Gears of War: Judgment 
March 19, 2013 
XBox 360 
Jump In. 
XBox 360 starting at $99. 

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