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"HSBC Lemon Grove TV ad" 
This commercial begins with a young Indian girl running home from school. She runs through a lemon grove to her father and though she is speaking in a different language, we understand that she is rushing to get ready for something. She starts setting up a table display of fresh lemons just picked from the trees when a car comes up and beeps. The little girl from last year's HSBC ad shows up to buy lemons for her successful lemonade stand. She looks over a freshly cut lemon, then squeezes some juice onto a spoon to taste it, and decides it's just what she's looking for. During the deal, the little girl's cell phone rings, and it's a little boy in France who has run out of lemons.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Perfect. I'm gonna need a lot. 
Bonjour Christoph.  
Who was on the phone?  
My French distributor. I'm sending him more lemons. 
At HSBC, we believe that in the future, rapidly growing business will need a supply chain. 
Thank heaven for little girls  
For little girls get bigger every day  
Thank heaven for little girls  
They grow up in the most delightful way  
Thank heaven for them all  
No matter where, no matter who  
Without them what would little boys do?  
Thank heaven  
Thank heaven

Written Text


Heavenly Lemonade 
HSBC Holdings 

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