This commercial for Gatorade shows how the sports drink was first created, in 1965 and how athletes today still drink it for the best performance. Some of the athletes shown in this ad are, Harry Carson (NY Giants 53), Michael Jordan (Bulls 23), Peyton Manning (Broncos 18), Serena Williams. 
"The Path of the Lightning Bolt"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Yet another sweltering day for the Florida Gators in this 1965 season. The players are struggling in the punishing heat.  
Mission control, ready for launch. 
2006 finals MVP. 
(Lyrics) Morning, it’s another pure grey morning 
Don’t know what the day is holding 
When I get uptight 
And I walk right into the path of a lightning bolt 
Everyone I see just wants to walk with gritted teeth 
But when I see the signs I jump on that lightning bolt 
They say you gotta tow the line they want the water not the wine 
But when I see the signs I jump on that lightning bolt

Written Text

A True Story 
University of Florida 
Giants 53 Carson 
Bulls 23 Jordan  
Manning 18 
Continue the Legend 

Win from Within

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