This commercial for GE HE top load washers and dryers shows all the different kinds and sizes of loads of dirty laundry. The new and improved GE appliances make doing laundry easy and simple, allowing for a little time to sit and, "Take a load off".  
"GE HE Top Load Washer and Dryer"

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Big loads, little loads, white loads, colored loads, gentle loads, bulky loads, loads with lots of dirt, fast loads, sexy loads, smelly loads, wet loads, loads and loads. Loads and loads. Loads and loads of loads. We spend too much time in the laundry room, so GE not only gave their High Efficiency top load washers and dryers enhanced performance, they made them incredibly flexible, large and easy to use, so you can do laundry your way and finally, take a load off.

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Imagination at work

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