This commercial for Sears features a woman who is constantly asked by other people where she got her clothes and shoes. In the beginning, she seems embarrassed to tell people that she got her fashionable outfits from Sears, but by the end, she is proud to tell everyone that she shops at Sears. So proud that as she is boarding an airplane, she takes the P.A. system phone to announce to the other passengers, that she got her entire outfit from Sears. She then walks down the aisle of the plane as if she is on a fashion show runway.  
"This Is Sears"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey Lisa, where'd you get that top? 
You look great. 
Where'd you get that dress? 
Super cute. 
Where did you get those shoes? 
Excuse me... 
Sears, everyone. I got the outfit at Sears.  
Surprised? Don't be. This is great fashion at great prices.  
Get 50 to 60% off fashions for the whole family.

Written Text

This is Sears.  
50-60% off fashions

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