In this commercial for Sears and the Wedding Registry at Sears features a happy couple, going through a Sears store, registering home and garden items using their smartphones. The couple run through the store, dancing together, looking at towels, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, stand mixers, televisions, lawnmowers, washers and dryers. As they make their way through the store, their dance ends with a dip in front of the jewelry case, where a diamond ring is shown. The man looks at the woman and says, "So, I guess I should propose.", to which the woman responds, "Duh!". 
"Sears Wedding Registry: Honeymoon Before the Honeymoon"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

So, I guess I should propose. 
With Sears Wedding Registry, you get everything you both want for you and your home. This is where to register. This is Sears. 
(Lyrics) There's something about the way you look at me 
Boy, I never could think you'd be the one I'd see 
Today's gonna shine like never before 
'Cause there's something about the way you look at me 
My whole body's cookin', because you're so good lookin' 
And there's something about the way you look at me

Written Text

gift registry 
Sears Wedding Registry 
This is wedding registry 
This is Sears

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