This ad for Hahn Premium Light beer begins with a woman walking down the hallway in her bathrobe. As she walks toward the bathroom, she removes her silky bathrobe, dropping it on the floor. The woman gets in to a beautiful round bathtub, full of hot, soapy water. She sinks in the water and relaxes. She stretches her leg out, flexes her toes, leans her head back in absolute relaxation. As the woman is blissfully soaking, her boyfriend runs into the bathroom, doing a cannonball into the bathtub, splashing water everywhere. The man reaches over to the ice bucket, grabs a Hahn beer bottle and looks at the woman, not understanding why she is upset with him. 
"Hahn - Spa Bomb - Australian Beer Ad Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hahn Premium Light. Some drink it because they're responsible, others just love the taste.

Written Text

Love the taste.

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