This commercial for MLB 13: The Show features LA Dodgers, Matt Kemp, being interviewed. The interviewer shows clips from the video game, while Matt Kemp insists that the footage isn't real, but is just video game replay. The interviewer has several seconds of silence, saying he got lost in Kemp's eyes. 
"MLB 13 The Show THE SHOW: Matt Kemp | :30 Commercial"

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We're here with Matt Kemp. Now, Matt, you made quite a bold prediction last year when you said you'd hit 50 home runs and steal 50 bases. 
Uh, yeah, I did. 
And you did it! If we could roll the highlights here. 62 Home runs, 64 stolen bases!  
That's a video game. 
A video of a game. Sorry. I just got lost in your eyes.  
Rated E for Everyone. Playstation.

Written Text

MLB 13 The Show 
Matt Kemp 
The Los Angeles Dodgers 
So Real It's Unreal 
Only On PlayStation

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