This is a commercial for the laptop Chromebook from Google. The commercial shows how the new laptop is for everyone, for everywhere, for everyday.  
"Chromebook: For Everyday"

Written Text

For Fast Starts 
For Not So Fast Starts 
For Starting Up 
For Heading Out 
For Hanging Out 
For Go 
For Go Go 
For Go Go Go 
For Bloggers 
For Joggers 
For Hoggers 
For After-School 
For Extra Points 
For Extra Credit 
For Your First One 
For Your Second One 
For Down Time 
For Play Time 
For Me Time 
For Eating In 
For Ordering Out 
For Story Time 
For Turning In 
For Turning Off 
For Everyday 
For Everyone 
Meet Chromebook. 
The $249 laptop from Google. 
For everyone. 

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