This spring, Old Navy and Rachael Leigh Cook show you how to look prettier than ever in new, flirty, Upgraded Eyelet Dresses. Plus, all dresses are on sale. 
"You're Now Free to Show Off Your Dress - Rachael Leigh Cook"

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Welcome aboard, Old Navy passengers. This spring we're all getting an upgrade. You're now free to show off the flirty detailing on your new eyelet dresses. 
Whoa. Copy that. 
These stylish dresses are perfect for Spring. They really do make quite an entrance. We are clear for a fashionable landing.  
Upgraded eyelet dresses. Women from $25, girls from $15. Plus all dresses are on sale. Old Navy. Come fun, come all.

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Eyelet Dresses 
Women $25 
Girls $15 
Upgraded Eyelet Dresses 
All dresses on sale 
Old Navy 
Come fun, come all

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