This is a commercial for the weight loss product, Xenadrine. The commercial begins with a woman wearing a white catsuit, with cut-outs in interesting places, banging a "Xenadrine" gong. Another woman, wearing the same weird catsuit walks, with her dark hair flowing behind her. She is joined by a group of catsuit wearing women, proud to show off their slender bodies, thanks to Xenadrine. The women slam their fists onto the futuristic ground, causing it to crack with lightning.  
"New Xenadrine Weight Loss Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Xenadrine. The future of weight loss is here. An electrifying formula so powerful it has to be experienced to be believed. Feel the extreme energy of Xenadrine. Join the weight loss revolution.

Written Text

Powerful Weight Loss 
The Weight Loss Revolution 
The Vitamin Shoppe 
Rite Aid

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